Altered Giant Puzzle Piece

imageThis Animal Crackers paper stack is one of the first cardstock packs I purchased. It sat unused for approximately three years, always with the intention that I’d use it to scrapbook our Busch Gardens trip. Then earlier this year I found the coordinating chipboard on

If you want to get close to the giraffe, you have to pay extra for the Safari. So, we did. But, as per usual for a Florida summer, there was the threat of rain right as our Safari adventure was beginning. The sky went dark and the rain came just as we were getting into the Safari car. I was devastated. You see, for me, the whole intention of this getaway was to photograph the animals. So, I said a little prayer and just as we were approaching the giraffe, the sky cleared. But, just in a large circle above us. It was the small miracle I needed. The giraffe were so interactive with our group that we spent almost the entire 45 minutes with them. This is typically the duration of the Safari itself, since there are other animals to see. The guide was surprised by our giraffe, as he mentioned it several times. There was even a shy young female that got very close, which he said she never did. As a matter of fact, while everyone else was feeding the older female in the front of the car, I stayed to the back by myself coaxing the shy one towards me. She was slowly making her way to me when everyone noticed. They all started hustling to the back and she stopped, turned and moved away. I reckon it was around that time that our guide realized it was time to move on. And as soon as we started to pull away, the clouds rolled back in and the rain came lose. Sprinkling, at first. We stood at the back of the car, watching the brave older female (the one we had been feeding) step into the “road” to watch us leave. I can’t be certain, but I got the distinct feeling that she wasn’t ready for us to go. And honestly, I could have spent the whole day there with them. ..minus the crowd of other people, of course. As our (extended) Safari adventure was ending (by this point, it was pouring) my daughter says “it was weird how you said that prayer and the sky cleared up and it stopped raining.” My response, “I said that out loud?”

Animageyway, this old guy was off in the distance peeking out from behind a palm tree. (I say “guy”, but I think all the giraffe may have been females.) He was curious, but never came close to us. There were others, too, who kept their distance. However, they were all acutely aware of our presence. And I thought it was so funny that this one was trying to hide. As if the large palm tree could ever mask his majestic body. I fell in love with Giraffe that day. Thank you, to my husband, for making it happen.


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