Spooky Story and Good Witch Apothecary Bottles

For Halloween, we always set out to scare the kiddos. Each year we out-do ourselves by taking things to a whole new level. ..more zombies, more blood, more creepy ghouls hiding in the bushes. However, the star of our show is always our life-sized, talking, motorized spooky butler, Jeeves.

This year, Jeeves was especially spooky when my husband plugged the cord into his back, yet had not plugged him into an outlet, and out of his mouth came the oh-so familiar words “Ahhh, more guests. Please leave your bodies at the door and do come in.” Since I look forward to this each year, I smiled at Jeeves and patted him on the head. That’s when I noticed my husband’s eyeballs; they were HUGE! Then, I watched him, power cord in hand, pull the plug from good ol’ Jeeves. He was never connected to the electrical outlet. And, he does not use batteries. Nor is there any way to charge him. We’ve had him for years and that had never happened. Creepy factor at 11!

So, when I was working on my Witch Apothecary bottles, not really knowing how I wanted to grunge them up, I thought about Jeeves and chose to make them witchy shabby chic instead.Witch Apothecary BottlesI used my Cricut Explore with the Write then Cut feature. The paper is from the Chalkboard Stack by DCWV and I used the silver metallic marker for the font image. To test out my new sticker paper by Cricut, I made it slightly larger than the black cardstock. The eye and mouse (AKA, baby rat) were purchased from Spirit Halloween store. The toadstool, I made using Sculpey polymer clay in brown. Why brown? Because, honestly, I was thinking of mushrooms. Duh!  When paint wasn’t working, I grabbed my Inka Gold in Antique Silver and Lava Red. It worked beautifully. The toadstool spots are dimensional using Super Heavy Gesso.

Bakers twine, silk sari ribbon and tulle were used around the neck of the bottles.


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