I Can Sew!

Well, kind of. What I found out is that I can, if I try. Nothing fancy but, I do enjoy it.

I made these burp cloths for my daughter when she was pregnant. The baby is here and my daughter loves them. Matter of fact, she keeps hitting me up for more.

I left the edges “raw” because I thought it was more “me”. I had made a few prior with neat edges and just didn’t like them. ..they were too neat (minus the not-so-straight stitching). And since I can now admit (because I’m old enough to not give a shit) that I’M a mess, maybe that’s my style; messy and raw.

It’s also why I love the Silk Sari Ribbon, which is what I used (with vintage buttons) to tie the rolls. I love everything about the stuff! The strings, the smell, the colors! I have a drawer full of it and sometimes I open it just to smell it. Is that weird?

About the buttons: They are from a 1950’s salesman sheet.
About the fabric: Cotton patterned fabric for the “top” and waffle weave Muslin for the base. This kind of Muslin gets thick and absorbent when washed and dried so, it’s crucial to wash and dry it before cutting.

If you’re interested in making these and have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Happy Monday!


3 thoughts on “I Can Sew!

  1. Oooh would love to try this. I have a sewing machine and no sewing experience. Ok i know how the machine works and how to sew (not-so) straight. Now just need to find the matetials ( in Dutch). And time, that is in high demand and hardly available now… And ofcourse, congratulations on the baby!

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