Designer Handbags, Handbag or Crutch?

I have been collecting designer handbags for a LONG time and sometimes, there are just too many. I know, I know, you can’t have too many shoes or handbags. However, in my case, I am running out of storage in my south Florida ranch home. You see, I also have another obsession (the whole point of this blog) and that is crafting. My crafting obsession (possession?) has led to an enormous collection of, well, everything you can think of that is craft related. I also collect vintage …..stuff. Anything and everything that reminds me of days gone by or eras I wasn’t even around for. And to top it all off, my hubby is also a collector. So, every room in our house is filled with our collections. Now, I feel it’s important that I mention that we are not hoarders. At least not in the sense that we hang on to every little thing and refuse to get rid of it. No, we are perfectly willing to donate, gift and sell many of our “items”. Which leads me back to the subject of this post. I have recently been selling off part of my handbag collection (and donated a few). So, if you’re interested, check them out below.


Dooney & Bourke Pocket Satchel

Cole Haan Tassel Tote

Cole Haan Tassel Tote

Coach Parker Straw

Coach Parker Straw

Vintage Brighton Croco Leather

Vintage Brighton Croco Leather

Betsey Johnson Nerdy Pugs

Betsey Johnson Nerdy Pugs

This is just a few, I will be adding more to the store soon. Thanks for stopping by.


How to Successfully Sell Designer Handbags and Accessories on Ebay

How odd it is to find something I wrote years ago on someone else’s blog.


How to Successfully Sell Designer Handbags and Accessories on Ebay

by Maureen Orlando-Lewis

Selling designer handbags is not only fun, it can ba a very profitable business venture.  As with any tangible good it is important to first, know your product and second, know how to market your product.  I will walk you through this process step-by-step.

There are some general rules and guidelines that are necessary to follow for success when you are selling high-end designer handbags and accessories.

1.If you cannot guarantee its authenticity, do not sell it! It is prohibited to sell counterfeit merchandise on eBay even if you state that you cannot authenticate the product.  The reason for this is that the counterfeit industry is illegal.  It would behoove you to research this aspect of the business.  Briefly on this subject, counterfeit products are manufactured in third-world countries primarily by children who are forced to…

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Go, Go, Go, Go, Go. Shop, Shop, Shop, Shop

75% off Yarn and Vintage, 50% off designer handbags and craft items.

The sale starts today, Cyber Monday, and ends next Sunday. Whatever doesn’t sell, will most likely be removed from the store. Why remove it? Because one way or another, I’m clearing things out. It’s time for the purge.

Below is just a sampling of what’s marked down. There is SO much more.

Click the item and you will be directed to the site:

Tiger MohairNutmeg

Martha Craft StationSew Easy

Coach Pebbled leatherWedge Sandals

Blue Betty NightieHockanum Coat

Novica Mask

Thanks for looking!

Wizard of Oz Good Witch Glass Jewelry Pendant with Necklace

Wizard of Oz Good Witch Glass Jewelry Pendant with Necklace

Glass and faux soldering. Graphic 45 papers. Available at:

Vintage Rummy-O Game Piece Pendant

Vintage Rummy-O Game Piece Pendant

Vintage game piece, metal charms and wire, polymer clay, gold-plated bail. Available at:

Purple Heart Pendant

Purple Heart Pendant

Metal Bezel and charms, Polymer Clay. Available at

From Acorns to Oaks

My two oaks grown from acorns. I planted 10 acorns and these are the only two that sprouted. First, I put them all in a sealed jar until little “roots” appeared. To confess, I didn’t know that would happen. But, when it did, I saw it as an opportunity. The whole process has taken about a year. Now, I have two little trees.
Oak Trees